Refugee Student

Sponsor a Refugee ($35 a Month)

How it Works 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓

War & conflict leave many children displaced. Hope City’s goal is to share God’s love and give refugee children a solid education that will help aid their future.

LIVE CLASS: Your sponsored child will connect with a live teacher through a video or voice call about 4 times a week. Our live classes will focus on teaching English and Bible. The English classes will cover vocabulary in subjects such as Math, Science, Health, Social Studies, & the Arts.

HOMEWORK: Students film videos, record their voice, send pictures, and take advantage of the ability to learn through direct, interactive cell phone based school assignments such as:

  • Memorizing Flash Cards

  • Reading Stories

  • Singing & Learning through Music

  • Writing Assignments

  • Interactive Teaching Videos

Sponsor Photo
& About the School

Monthly sponsors will receive a picture of their child. Each child is matched with only one sponsor. Donations are designated to be used as needed for expenses such as teacher salaries, administration, software development, and other expenses affecting both refugee and non-refugee children in our traditional school. Monthly donations starts right away and your match with child and their enrollment may take some time. If your sponsored child drops, your sponsorship will continue and you will be matched with another child with time. One time donations go towards our as needed fund. We are an unaccredited supplemental school and encourage students to enroll in their local school to meet their school requirements. Program details are subject to change.